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Cool to be Corporate

Its simple. Its cool to be cool. When artists have the opportunity to create something new and exciting – its cool ! No matter whose name is behind it or whose footing the bill at the end of the day, if its cool  –  its cool.

As this article form Marketing Mag points out going “corporate” no longer has the stigma it once did in the music industry. As long as sponsorship complements the artist’s vision, their values and resonates with their fan base then I support it. Utilizing new technologies, platforms and building huge events is not cheap. Since millennials, like myself, refuse to buy all the music we listen but expect more and more and more, someone has to give artists the opportunity/ funds to experiment. Multinational brands are the only  entities out there with this type of pull.

The best kind of sponsorship will seem organic and seamless. Aka EVERYTHING that Jay-Z does! And as Marketing points out-  like Feist teaming up with Samsung to create a fantastic hologram performance! Paired with the right sponsorship, platform and IDEA, artists can create incredible experiences for their fans! Thanks #Samsung- totally wish I saw this!