July 25th: H&M&koons

H&M has completely revolutionized the high-street VS. high-brow relationship with the reveal of designer collaborations like this one after another. Isabel Marant, Lanvin, ADR, and Wang are among some of the notable designers who’ve partnered with the multibillion dollar company. Jeff Koons is now in on the action to make his work “accessible to people”. Really?

This is great for people like me with small bank accounts and big eyes, but how does this blur the lines of exclusivity for these top tier brands? The waters are becoming ever so muddy and I for one, am confused; do I save for and marvel over luxury brands or cheat with these cheap collabs?Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.34.28 PM

The minute H&M announces a fall line with LV, I’ll be in mourning.





Some VHS cover I was in


I tried to start this blog to validate my interest in the industry, but the truth is so much more than that turns me on. This is clearly the reason why I never kept up with this blog.

You can’t force some interests and repress others. Nothing matters when there’s just no heart in it, which is why anything forced doesn’t last long.

It’s time I focus more on what I love, what I’m interested in and what inspires me.