The Wise

I’ve learned a lot over the years from my network- savvy entrepreneur Dad, here are some of his fatherly pro-tips:

1)” It’s always a ‘yes’ until its a ‘no'”
If he has his mind set on something you better know he’ll make a phone call here, a phone call there to get or done. As any entrepreneur will contest to, never stop trying and never give up! This type of attitude and determination has helped grow his small insurance firm into a success business.

 2) “If you’re not getting the customer service you deserve – then GET the customer service you deserve!
My Dad vs. Rogers is quarterly event. The Rogers reps don’t have a chance against my dads mighty lines “you call this customer service ? I’ve been in the CRM business for 35 years – this is not customer service” . He has always taught me to not settle for less than what is deserved.

3) “Be good. Be safe.”
Every conversation with my Dad ends with this and its self explanatory. At the end of the day, use your common sense and do whats right.