Network Netwerk

Its that time again… you know the time when you have to give yourself a little kick in the rear and remind yourself that life is a moving and you better move with it. You can prepare for years for a job but until you take the initiative and pass through that threshold of hesitation, (between the I am a student/ I am a young professional) you’ll never get there.

My program launched a networking event as an opportunity for agency HR reps to come scout out interns. The event created a laid back sophisticated environment where you could get that one on one face time with HR and Acccount Executatives without the stiff pressure of an interview. Resumes ready and shirts pressed, all my peers were eager to get the night going and meet reps from their favourite agencies.


It went off without a hitch, mind you not everyone who RSVP came. I can only count about 11 different agencies – although there were some people I didn’t even get a chance to talk to. Since our program is made up of a variety of students it was great to see small tech orientated shops like BNotions and Partners there, as well as big wigs like BBDO, Y&R, Home Depot and one of our proud sponsors Jani Yates from the ICA. And everyone in between like Doug & Serge, Red Urban, Grey, Mosiac and John St

ImageIf I hadn’t taken the initiative to make an authentic connection with the 4 people that I did than I wouldn’t be as confident as I am today. And I wouldn’t have landed two interviews as a direct result from the event.

Networking is considered a soft skill- but it’s the skill that can get you the interview and can give you the opportunity to land the job.