I see excessive amounts of mesh in my future. The time is now my friends to seek creativity in your wardrobe. Spring is practically here – I’m obsessed with checking the weather in LA, Miami, Portland, Barcelona and Vancouver – so I can tell you things are heating up!

As we mature into our responsibility ridden mid twenties, our styles grow and change with whatever stages we are in our lives. can say with confidence that had I not been in school this year I’d be donning a lot more graphics and a lot less blazers – now  trying to find the right graphics for the right blazer.During this time of growth, we come to understand the balance and accept professionalism; for some, individuality is less important, and others leap at the opportunity to stand out.

I, for one, feel more comfortable wearing something absurd than wearing the same sweater 5 of my friends have. Since we don’t all have the liberties some celebs and fashion gurus do – accessories are just one of the subtle ways you can show a little more personality in the everyday.

imageMmmmmm this spring jewelry just won’t cut if for me. I’m embarking on a city wide search this spring for mesh. I regrettably didn’t buy a white mesh dress from Zara last summer. I refuse to let another garment slip from my fingers again.

Starting with this gorgeous long sleeve from Zara