thank you TTC!

I was born in a little suburb built around a highway- also referred to as Barrie Ontario, so I didn’t grow up accustomed to public transportation. But I have to confess that I love the subway. Ill preach for the subway loud and proud! I accomplish so much on those red velvety TTC chairs. I’m concentrated on the white memo interface on my phone and I write away. Nothing distracts me and the motion actually helps me stay focused. Since the internship hunt is on, school is still in full swing and there seems to be a new event every two days, utilizing and maximizing all my time is more than crucial. 

Examples of outstanding competency/ accomplishments on subway: 
A) 1 hour (including 20 min. bus)
5 emails
2 blog posts

B) 1.5 hours (including wait times and bus)
An entire two and a half page assignment on a branding  acquisition plan 

C) 20 minutes
Grocery list 
Planned meals for two weeks