The Good Life

What is the good life?

Ah yes, a question as old as time. I have often asked my peers questions about success and happiness in an attempt to identify the meaning of life and the secrets to self-fulfillment. And of all the stoners, suits, creatives, wise-guys, librarians, bankers and intellectuals that I’ve met one fundamental truth remains the same – “what makes you happy” –

In my perspective, the good life is a fleeting moment of self actualization. the fleeting moment when one realizes that all things are taken care of. that moment when you say “HA! I’ve done it Maslow!” I’ve met all my needs and then some and life is good. When I think of “The Good Life” I think of all the things that I personally strive for… all the things I presume I need and want in my life.

I’ve experienced maybe three of these fleeting moments – that I can recall at least
1. Family Christmas dinner
2. A boat cruise in the hot summer sun in Ibiza
3. Riding a bike on a beautiful afternoon down the boardwalk in Barcelona