As of late, I’ve been on the internship hunt and browsing through more than a handful of “cooL” agency sites. Agency 59 has really stepped out of the box with their fantastic website which clearly communicates their vision, culture and belief. If you’re unaware of Agency 59 then consider yourself half asleep.

A great professor of mine always says “its better to have a good strategy and a bad execution than having a bad strategy and a good execution. Messages often get lost when people pull in random strategies (i.e. Chevrolet) which is one of the reasons why I think Agency 59’s approach is so great. STRATEGY . CREATIVE  .  MEDIA  .  FEELING  . 

This strategic/ creative agency has a unique culture, appearance and approach to the busy bee world of clutter. They are the driving force behind a few well known campaigns including the Nordica cottage cheese bit “Anything Goes”and the memorable yellow truck for INTERAC’s campaign.


Words to live by.