Toronto. The place of cool.

As the curious adventurer that I am, I’m trying to get my hands on everything & anything and if that means velcro wallets, and Happy Meals then so be it. NEW seems to be the theme for February thus far and I intend to keep it that way!  In Toronto there are always opportunities to meet new people, drink at different bars and attend new events. Yes, so we were hit with a huge snow storm and cities are shutting down but on Monday its suppose to be plus 6. Come next week I’ll be breaking free of the chains of winter to spread my wings in preparation for Spring ’13.

& I encourage all my peers to do the same as well!

So basically if you have an upcoming event… I will be there.

Upcoming events:

  • The 6th Anniversary of Hip Hop Karaoke on Feb 15th at Revival Bar Toronto on College
  • Yes Yes Y’all on Feb 19th
  • 15th-24 Canadian International AutoShow (check out the AutoShow catalogue that my relative Lea Allen has put together with publication company