What do Beyonce and Taylor Swift have in common? 
… besides being multi millionaires and being adorned by every commoner and celebrity alike, both of these artists have traded their souls in for a sugary carbonated cola. Taylor Swift will become the new brand ambassador for Diet Coke. Likewise, Beyonce’s soul was bought out by Pepsi for a measly $50 million dollars. Along with a slew of other partnerships such as CoverGirl, Barack Obama, Tommy Hilfiger and L’Oreal, this will be the all-grown-up-Destiny’s-Child’s fifth contract with Pespi since 2002. Us commoners can look forward to Pepsi cans with her face on them, commercials, billboards and print ads, she will also be performing at the Super Bowl ’13 on February 3rd, which is also sponsored by PepsiCo.

Taking a look at the success that is Coca-Cola, their advertising campaigns are fantastic. Their brand essence: Harmony & Friendship are communicated through every message with the Coke name on it. With Swift they should succeed in developing loyalty with younger audiences as well as mature target markets. My ultimate favourite agency, W+K currently has the Diet Coke account and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t waiting on the edge of my chair for T.Swift ads. I’m forecasting seriously excessive and obnoxious celebrity endorsements for 2013 & dueling Swift vs. Beyonce fans. I can see my twitter feed exploding & trending now:

“Taylor Swift is Ahmazing! I’m a D.COke gyrl 4LYFE!”

“all my single ladies will drink PEPSI FOREVER! Beyonce is my idol! “

Oh… &  lets not forget about their interesting relationship formed at the VMA’s when our classy B saved timid T in 2009. The cola empires have now positioned the two against each other in an epic battle worthy of Middle Earth.