One of my many juicy & seductive weaknesses and irrational obsessions is SWIMWEAR. This all started with my 2009 purchase of a bright blue one piece from Ed Hardy with an orange koi fish on it. The one piece was cut out in the middle and sparked my love for “different” Muskoka dock attires. I have 3 designer bathers including two from Zingara 2010 collection – which in my opinion was their most stunning collections to date. In 2012 I invested in my first, and not only, thong bikini in Ibiza, Spain. On a side note a thong actually covers everything & makes any/ every BODY look fantastic! Earlier in the year I found an amazing swimwear brand Minimale- Animale and needless to say I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS! I just purchased the JANE FONDA in shell pink- thankfully on sale from 225 to 75! My friends are questioning my sanity and wondering where in the world I would wear a half mesh, high waisted and barely-covering-my-font area two piece.

My response to them is of course “WHERE CAN’T I WEAR IT?”

I cannot wait to be the only person in at least a 100 mile radius to be wearing a MINIMALE ANIMALE design.

My J.FONDA & I’m happy to say I have fonda’s hair cut: