We will never understand.

*originally written Spring 2012

I just finished watching Vice’s Heavy Metal in Baghdad, a documentary following “the only” heavy metal band in Iraq. They just want to rock out & all they have is war and uncertainty. This is a screen shot from one of the last scenes in the film. A young 19 year old Iraqi refugee living in Syria asking why he can’t travel & have all the freedoms that other people (non- Iraqi people). It just shows you how little they have. Everything is blown apart. The men in this doc. express their fears & explain how death and carnage is so ordinary & commonplace that they are ready to die at any moment.

I encourage everyone with a free night to gather a few open minded friends together & watch a couple VICE features & have discussions about current political and social issues/ movements that we sometimes forget exist. What is important and what do we take for granted living in Canada?


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