There once was a social network. And then there was an ad.

The evolution of our global knowledge economy has been carried on the back of digital technologies and the advancement of cyberspace. Well, in all honesty it IS the evolution. I’m all for progress but find it a little difficult to imagine all the manny things that will become obsolete in 10 years as these types of advancements are made. With everything and anything accessible with the simple click of a button, one can only assume that the level of freedom on the Internet would become increasingly unprecedented and liberating. I think everyone, at least in North America, see this unbelievable thing called the world wide web for granted. My opinion on this is that everyone feels entitled to this invention and therefore forgets the unwritten contract between the WWW and the user. This contract basically states that a user can do whatever he or she pleases, as it is a dreamworld, but it is still a product.

Yes, I said it. The internet is a product. Truly it is the dreamscape that it appears to be
but with a few simple twists and capitalistic ploys.

The truth of the matter is that cyberspace has transcended into a universal and unfathomably obtuse commercial billboard. Networking and computer companies are gaining more clout as their profits and popularity continue to rise, yet users are still complaining. Advertising belongs on the internet because it is MEDIA.

Enough talk about advertisements on Facebook or promoted Tweets. Advertisers must seek out the most efficient form of media to reach their consumers. If millions of people are using social networks it is only fitting in the advertisers come TO YOU.


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