race. in the race for mutli-culture-media

*written Winter 2011

im currently reading about gendered bodies within cyberspace. and how cyberspace have become monocultural as in creating identities online empowers people to produce their own manufactured selves- online people are given an opportunity to break free from the chains of “Real Life” that may or may not tie you down. However with the disappearance of culture or minority within online identities, are we forced into a more hegemonic being? is this forced? should we try to reaffirm our RL identities in order to place the culture in multimedia, perhaps making room for  multiculture in multimedia?

I was actually really disturbed a couple days ago. I was watching this video that black high school kids had made- a rap parody. My friend watching it with me said he was surprised that black kids would actually get together & make a video. Surprised, I asked why? why wouldn’t they? In my mind I was thinking, how are black youth less or more inclined to make a youtube video than white youth, or any other race for that matter. He continued to say “idunno… just dont think that a bunch of black kids would get together and do this sort of thing… I thought they’d be out iunno doin other shit, like drugs.” Needless to say I was in shock & embarrassed that my white friend would be so racist in this matter; implying that not just for people but for black it is out of character for them to create a funny well orchestrated parody video. I am disturbed by this. Where is race and how do we see race? I think it is naive of me to assume that other people in my generation are not shocked to see black youth doing something other than playing basketball, doing drugs and fucking people (which I think he said “doing drugs”). Its also naive of me to assume that my generation is for equal marriage rights, multiculturalism, abortion and other topics along these lines of controversy. It is naive of me to assume that my generation wants to stop racial profiling, discrimination and racism. What must be done?

I should re-access my own perspective of my generation & I should remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion. i did not jump down his throat, I was literally at a stand still and unable to form an argument because I didnt know how to articulate my argument. Did he know he was being so obviously racist? He really believed in what he was saying. this is truly his perspective. Who am I to tell him it shouldn’t be? How should I have formed my argument? What did I want to argue?

It also brought me back to this blog, I am white upper middle class, educated, attractive; I am in many ways at the head of the pack. But I have realized something… Where are the non-white people in the cyber sphere?  Should I enforce affirmative action within my own social network? How do I do this without being forced? Is there a natural way to change this? I dont know. But Im looking for the answers.


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