ohh ma ke Em ov er

Rick Genest & Andrej Prejic. Living on the fringe. These two are just different. They challenge norms on their own terms. They are unique and intriguing & the world cant get enough of them!!

Rick Genest, from Quebec, got his first tattoo at 16 & left home a year later to immerse himself in the underground punk rock scene in Montreal. Later he joined freak shows and covered 80% of his body in tattoos: “(an entire skeleton & thematically the depiction of a body decomposing… with flesh eating insects)” . He was discovered through Dress to Kill magazine by Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti & is not a HUGE muse in the art and fashion world and in particularly Thierry Mugler.

Andre Prejic has the most desired look in the fashion world right now! Everyone wants a piece of him, and as this interview explains this Cinderella is also a Prince Charming. His mother, brother and him fled Bosnia during the civil war and found peace in Australia where he grew up a little different than the rest. His unique style and piercingly androgynous look was discovered on the street by a model agency. He now models- editorial and runway- in Paris. & is one of the most desired, popular models as he can model mens and womens clothing. AKA THE NEXT TOP MODEL.


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