grey area

Its sufferably dark here all the time. You wake up at 10 am & glance outside for a pick me up or at least for some sign that you pray to god will pull you out of bed but NO . Its overcast and grey. But not sexy grey like these MAC shades more like cold metal grey. Really wish I could do something to turn this weather upside down? ( awful frown upsidedown joke).  The thing I love about aesthetics & makeup is that with the touch of imagination  with the right products can transform anyone into some magnificent, picturesque landscape.  Here are two MAC lipsticks that reflect these tones; they are grey and sultry all at the same time.

Eloquent AirWarp Speed

  • Lipstick in Eloquent Air. I dont even need to promo these at all because if you know anything than youll know that MAC lipsticks are, although a little thick, hard to compete with
  • Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Warp Speed. I would recommend the longwear lipcremes to everyone because they really do stay on forever.

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