“Curation is one of the big changes in blog characteristics that I’ve noticed in the past few years. People don’t blog in the way that they blogged in 2006 anymore. They mainly post links to stuff now and annotate. So now there’s this phenomenon, this idea, that you are what you link to. But the type of self-expression that’s been happening on the Web is not actually anyone’s experience as a human; it’s just decorations without any true expression of life experience.

Jonathan Harris, quoted on design mind (via somethingchanged)

Jonathan’s insight on and exploration of social interaction online is as comprehensive as it is visionary — In the several years I’ve followed his projects I don’t know if I’ve ever disagreed with his assertions, and this is no exception.

I’ve been saying this for years, that the concept of “curation” to describe most blogs is bullshit, it’s a guise under which people confuse untempered, superficial decoration with creative direction or style. Tumblr has just replaced bedroom walls as a place to paste photos of friends, sexy celebrity crushes, and editorials ripped from the pages of Vogue. Adding the terse exclamations of WANT, NEED, OBSESSED, GENIUS… et al. doesn’t make you the next George Lois, though for the moment, it seems to be the only requisite for a book deal or Hollywood agent.

I have a little bit of hope though, because for every photograph, mp3, or other piece of media online, there is an author — someone who took the time to create something new and share it with the world — and while authorship seems less important than micro-celebrity curation for now, only one can exist without the other.

(via commedesfuckdwn)


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