A Web Series that Matters.

Husbands takes a fresh new spin on gay couples while poking fun at stereotypes in a witty and light hearted way. I really love this web series for its comical style. I first heard about Husbands through one of the show’s stars, Alessandra Torresani blog. The show, as I’ve seen, is titled as the FIRST MARRIAGE EQUALITY COMEDY. Im all for marriage, all for equality & all for comedy! After receiving great reviews and mass followings, Husbands has started its second season. The episodes are longer now and Mekhi Phifer even guest starred in the premier!

I’ve watched a few web series now, my two favourites include the hilarious comedy, Bandwagon, with Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown and Buffy the Vampire’s Emma Caulfield AND a less well known series called Asylum.

Bandwagon is a light comedy about “making it in Hollywood”. Emma Caulfield and Tracie Thoms are trying to produce a “ghetto-glee” tv show while Thoms’ roommates who are  exaggeratedly stereotypical actresses are also trying to make it big in Hollywood. One of the actresses is a young dumb party girl type. The other, played by Karri Bowman is an actress who appears to be mentally handicapped but doesn’t know it. Anyways its hilarious and I would recommend everyone to watch it. Episodes are only ten minutes long tops


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